The Original T Shirt Launcher and Hot Dog Launcher World-Wide

  • Instant variable distance control from 0 - 300 feet and anything in between
  • Super light - All Aluminum - NO PLASTIC TO SHATTER
  • Co2 powered with 20 - 30 shots per reusable bottle
  • T Shirts, Hot Dogs, Soft Promo Items, Streamers and Confetti
  • 3D - Custom Advertising Covers available
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Hot Dog Launcher

Watch and Listen to Crowds CHEER when "The Master Blaster" comes out at your event!

"When the fans see our giant Mr. Sub sandwich - Master Blaster, they know it's time to scream!"

- Mike Boyles, Second Dimension International
t-shirt cannon

"The Master Blaster T-Shirt Cannon has helped McMaster and our team sponsor Coca-Cola gain great recognition with the most exciting promotion ever. We launch Coca-Cola T-Shirts anywhere and everywhere into the hands of cheering fans."

- Robert Hilson, McMaster University

"The Master Blaster T Shirt Launcher is one of the most innovative marketing tools that a promotions team can use. Not only is it attractive to look at for fans and sponsors, but the adjustable settings allow our promotions team to shoot to the third level in our arena or fifteen feet in front of them at appearances."

- Eddie Eusepie, Nashville Kats - Arena Football League
t shirt launcher

"The Hot Dog Launcher, invented and designed by illusionist Brian Glow, is the ultimate free-stuff weapon."

- Lindor Reynolds, Winnipeg Free Press